Q: Is it true that Senior Veterans, Inc. provides all services free of charge?

A: Yes, that is true. In order for us to continue to provide free services, we ask everyone we help to purchase the 2018 Tango Yankee Postcard Edition for just $10.00. This 6 postcard package will make a wonderful gift. Each vintage postcard can be seen on our home page video. 


Q: What is the mission of Senior Veterans, Inc.?

A: We help senior wartime veterans and widows obtain the VA’s “Non-Service Connected Disability Pension”, often referred to as “Aid and Attendance.” This benefit provides seniors with tax free supplemental income.


Q: Does your organization offer financial, tax or legal advice?

A: Absolutely not. We are not financial planners, attorneys or tax consultants, nor do we offer any direct or indirect financial, legal or tax advice. Questions regarding these matters should be handled by licensed professionals. 


Q: We have heard differing opinions/facts regarding the “net worth” requirements of the claimant. Can you be more specific regarding these requirements?

A: The VA defines “net worth” as bank accounts, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and annuities. There are no limits or ceilings. The VA will use a “subjective” determination on net worth in considering each claim. The claimant’s personal residence, autos and personal belongings are excluded from “net worth.” There is no “look back” period.


Q: What are the maximum monthly payments available to the claimants?

A: Currently, the maximum monthly awards for VA Pension with “Aid and Attendance” are as follows:

Married Veteran: $2,127.00

Single Veteran: $1,794.00

Surviving Spouse: $1,153.00

These monthly awards are tax free, deposited electronically and continue for life.

Q: How long does it take before the “Aid and Attendance” claim is awarded by the Department of Veterans Affairs?

A: The Department of Veterans Affairs has sole responsibility for this. There is no “average.” We have included a proven method of asking your U.S. Senator for help in expediting your claim. 

Q: How do Wreaths Across America and Senior Veterans, Inc. work together?

A: Senior Veterans, Inc. is a key Colorado  fundraiser.  Wreaths Across America provides the wreaths and arranges transportation to cemeteries in your community. The parties do not represent, endorse or speak on behalf of the other.

Q: What is the best way to contact someone in your organization?

A: E-mail is always best: (see “Contact Us”)