Q: Why is this VA benefit important to my loved one and our family?

A: This VA benefit provides financial peace of mind for senior veterans and widows during a time of their greatest need. If awarded, it provides monthly, tax-free income for life. Millions of seniors throughout the U.S. may be eligible for this VA benefit; however, most have never heard about it. 

Q: If awarded, what can seniors expect in terms of monthly benefits?

A: As of 2019, a married veteran can receive $2,230.00 monthly, a single veteran could receive $1,881.00 monthly and a surviving spouse could receive $1,209.00 monthly. These payments are electronically deposited into the claimant’s account. Deposits are made directly to the claimant as they can not be assigned to a caregiver or senior community. Benefits are tax-free and continue for life. 

Q: Does your organization offer financial, tax or legal advice?

A: Absolutely not. We are not financial planners, attorneys or tax consultants. Questions regarding these matters should be handled by licensed professionals.

Q: What are the financial requirements and liquid asset restrictions required by the VA?

A: Regardless of what you may have heard or read, only the VA can adjudicate these claims. The claimant will be required to qualify medically and financially. All required VA forms are included in our claim applications. The VA, and only the VA, will determine whether or not your award is granted.

Q: What is the best way to contact someone in your organization?

A: E-mail is always best: (see “Contact Us”)