Our Charity’s Mission

Senior Veteran’s Inc., was established to assist senior veterans and their families obtain a financial benefit from the VA called the “Non-Service-Connected Disability Pension,” AKA as “Aid and Attendance.”

Please watch this short video below to see if your loved one is eligible to apply.


• Since 2011, our charity has helped thousands of senior veterans and their families receive a little-known financial benefit from the VA commonly known as “Aid and Attendance.” Our services are FREE.
• Married veterans can receive up to $2,230.00 per month, single veterans up to $1,881.00 and widows up to $1,209.00 per month. If awarded, these benefits are paid monthly, they are tax-free and will continue for the life.
• Eligible claimants can use this money any way they wish; however, most claimants use this money to offset the high cost of long-term care.
• Over 80% of the claimants we help receive their long-term care from their adult children. The other 20% receive care from assisted living, memory care or nursing communities.
• Our charity has compiled, sorted, and explained every VA form needed for your application. 
• Our charity provides 24/7 personal assistance for anything you might need to complete your application.  We will personally assist with any disputes or correspondence with the VA-FREE.

God Bless America!